Postcard from Poline to Aron March 31, 1914 A
Postcard from Poline to Aron March 31, 1914
March 31, 1914
Postcard to Aron from Daddy March 30, 1914 A
Postcard from Daddy (Polya’s Father) to Aron March 30, 1914
March 30, 1914

Torn Partial Letter from Polya to Arnold March, 1914 Perhaps

Torn Partial Letter from Polya to Arnold March 1914? A

Torn Partial Letter, from Polya to Arnold
March or April, 1914 perhaps
May or may not have been sent

When we strive to see each other that approach is going far away from us. (Have you read Koloenko Ogonki, by any chance?) I would love to write more but I can’t. Now I am going to write regarding the dental equipment. I did not receive a response on Monday from the doctor. I am trying to get lessons for free, but I don’t know if it is going to happen. They are going to tell me on Saturday only. I really don’t want to take any money from you. We will need badly that money for us. Let me wait till Saturday. Maybe I’ll get a good deal. If not, I will think it over one more time, and I ask you to think it over again. Then we will come to a decisions if it’s worth staying apart because of this deal. Forgive me, Arnold, but I cannot write any more. I have severe headaches. I kiss you. Your girl friend, Polya. Please write more often. I don’t know how I can live to wait for that hour when I’l see you again. God damn. My heart is falling apart from the longing.



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