Postcard Crying Faith 1910 To Polya
Postcard from I. Andrusier to Polya September 21, 1910
March 8, 2018
Postcard Jan 4, 1908 to Aron
Postcard to Aron January 4, 1908
March 8, 2018

Postcard Lurenz To Get Some Bread August 10, 1909

Back of Postcard Lurenz To Get Some Bread

Lurenz. To get some bread.

The card: Meppava (?)

August 10, 1909. Mr. Silberang Kishinev (Bassarabia) Harlanlniskaya 65

Dear M-sier (name): I received your beautiful card. That lady was indeed nice and original. You are too kind to me. I do not deserve that. all that you wrote to me I accepted. Is it not possible to accept everything what is said in words? It is flattering how sentimental (the rest is not clear — S.A.)

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