Postcard to Aron from Andrussier May 1, 1914 A
Postcard from Andrussier to Aron May 1, 1914
March 8, 2018
Postcard to Poline from Aron April 28, 1914 A
Postcard from Aron to Poline April 28, 1914
April 29, 1914

Postcard from Yeva Andrussier to Aron April 30, 1914

Postcard to Aron from Yeva Andrussier April 30, 1914 A

Postcard to Aron from Yeva Andrussier [cousin]
Wanda Radford
April 30, 1914
[No address; not mailed
Probably Kishinev to Kishinev]

April 30, 1914 postcard Wanda Radford

To the well-respected Aron, to memory [remembrance]

Among many friends you may forget me, but among these lines you will love me. From, Yeva Andrussier


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