Postcard to Pauline from Tsillie October 31, 1917 A
Postcard to Pauline from Tsillie October 31, 1917
March 8, 2018
Postcard to Polya from George Ehrlich August 23, 1917 A
Postcard from George Ehrlich to Polya August 23, 1917
March 8, 2018

Postcard from Tsillie to P. B. September 6, 1917

Postcard to P.B. from Tsillie September 6, 1917 A

Postcard to P. B.
From Tsillie Andrusier
From Kishinev
M. George Ehrlich
57 West 24th Street
New York, America

September 6, 1917

I greet you, my baby. Finally, I left the summer house. I lost only five pounds due to this kind of life? The only pleasure I had – the letters. Your picture was shining on my table all the time so that the rest of the summer I spent it with you. My mood is still bad – I am feeling glum. Please write to me, my dear, how you are feeling, how you are doing, how things are. What do you think: wouldn’t it be better to stay over there till the end of the war? I think it is dangerous to make a move forward in all senses during this time. And without big bucks you won’t be able to make it to Kishinev. Had this war ended, it would have been another story. So far – good-bye. Love you! Yours, Tsillie

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