Postcard from Shura Izner to Polya July 26, 1913

Postcard to Polya from S Izner August 12, 1913 A
Postcard from S. Izner to Polya August 12, 1913
March 8, 2018
Poscard from Sarah Izner to Polya July 16, 1913
Postcard from S. Izner to Polya July 17, 1913
March 8, 2018

Postcard from Shura Izner to Polya July 26, 1913

Letter to Polya from Shura Izner July 26, 1913 B


Postcard Plain

To Kishinev    

Tshasovenny #5

House of Kazango

Apartment of Schneider

To receive by Polya Dekhtyar from S. Izner

27 July 1913 Slavouta and 28th Kishinev
card date 26

Greetings, Polya! I just came back when I saw the mail person. I was so happy jumping and screaming and my voice sounded really strange to myself because before I was very pensive and now it feels like I knew that there is something from you and when you reach a hand to get it, it often happens that they give you the figa. I think you know that kind of feeling. I stayed for more time even after sunset in the forest. Why should I go home to watch the walls or to stare at the ceiling? I already learned many little details from sight-seeing of that room with all its nuances. So lonely. There are some good moments, though like the receiving of this letter. Please give me more of those moments. Grober was here in Slavouta. She visited me. Just imagine when she is here everything is moving around. She spent two days here and then left for the next trip.

Now when I am writing this card from far away, I can hear the sound of “seagulls.” Listen, Polya, it really affects my hearing so that I have to put my hair inside of my ears so I don’t hear them. It is playing the third artillery division. When the fish is silent that fish is a crayfish. There is nothing we can do about it. We just have to be happy with this music. In Kishinev I was listening to a military orchestra. Do you go to a garden, Polya? I received a letter from Kunya and she is complaining that you’re hiding from her while she is very much interested to know more about you. How come you didn’t see her? From the bottom of my heart, greetings to Tsillie. Why are you not keeping your promises? Why? Please, give me your hand to touch. Shura Izner

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