Letter to Polya from Shura Izner July 26, 1913 B
Postcard from Shura Izner to Polya July 26, 1913
July 26, 1913
Letter to Polya From Aron June 11 1913 p1
Letter from Aron to Polya June 11, 1913
June 11, 1913

Postcard from S. Izner to Polya July 17, 1913

Poscard from Sarah Izner to Polya July 16, 1913

3 Kopeks and an image of the Tsar on the stamp


Postcard  (plain) July 16, 1913 and arrived on July 17, 1913

Date seems to be 15-7-1913?

 To Kishinev           

Tshasovenny #5

House of Kazango

Apartment of Schneider

To P. Dekhtyar, from S. Izner

[My assumption is that this is from Shura Izner. Shura is a nickname for Alexander.]

Hello Polya –

I received your postcard and you believe it or not it has lasted three hours since I completed reading it because of that I got a mood like a mysterious fairytale. I was walking through the library doing those strange zig-zags, and I revealed a breathtakingly wonderful dramatic soprano, who wanted to be played by the greatest composer. And now being in the woods in a swinging hammock I finished reading this postcard. I am not going to long for anything today, even if the end of this world comes. You are beside me today and we are talking heart to heart and those words with us and our souls and it appears to me that it is not me who is talking but you and the wind groans and its sounds from the woods touches our hearts. The sorrow cloud whelms our souls but you, Polya, don’t be pessimistic. You can fool people making a gloomy look. In reality, though, deep down in my heart there is a fountain of sparkling life that sooner or later will break through without any obstacles. Set up a fraternal society to fight against bad mood and the members of this society must iron any wrinkles of sorrow should they see them on any face. Let’s iron at the top of our speed. We won’t abide the fate and we’ll go proudly hard as steel with dignity to meet the things to come.


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