Postcard to Polya from Nina August 14, 1913
Postcard from Nina to Polya August 14, 1913
March 8, 2018
Letter to Polya from Shura Izner July 26, 1913 B
Postcard from Shura Izner to Polya July 26, 1913
July 26, 1913

Postcard from S. Izner to Polya August 12, 1913

Postcard to Polya from S Izner August 12, 1913 A

Plain Postcard from S. Izner

To Kishinev    

Tshasovenny #5

House of Kazango

Apartment of Schneider

08 12 1913

Greetings, Polya. You are lucky like a devil. You heard that interesting music that the violinist played, and I envy you. I received your card when I was lying in the hammock and the music came back at that moment. When I finished reading your card, I was furiously envious of your happiness, and when the music played Faust, I was listening to it eagerly, to those beautiful sounds of the half-dozen of ungreased wheels. At that moment, I realized how sincere my feelings are towards the composer and towards Faust’s personality and towards the orchestra led by the master of the music.

By the way, the music goes away on the 15th of August, and when I think about it, I feel lonesome. I don’t think I can hang in there. I miss my home a lot, sometimes I scream myself into fits. I’ll try to hobble along to the 20th of August and then home!!! Home!!! To my sweetheart, and also to my homesweet gentle knight Goldenrand!!!! Hurray! Hurray! Chi-chin, vassal to my brave knight. I shake your hands and bow low. S. Izner.

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