Postcard to Bookspan from Hana September 20, 1916 A
Postcard from Hana to Bookspan September 20, 1916
March 8, 2018
Little Note to Pauline from M Dechtar May 22, 1916 A
Little Note from M. Dechtar to Pauline May 22, 1916
March 8, 2018

Postcard from Nina to Pauline July 21, 1916

Postcard to Pauline from Nina July 21, 1916 A

Postcard to Pauline from Nina [her youngest sister]
To Goldberg
617 E 135th Street Bronx, New York
From Montreaux, Suisse: Ouchy, Lausanne, Switzerland 
Le Quai et Les Alpes Vaudoises

My dear Polinka,

I am here in Switzerland with Sonia and Sasha for a few days now. We live in a beautiful villa and spend our time nicely. In a few days I might go to Lausanne to find out if I can find any job over there in any of the clinics, Polinka. I am going to send some pictures soon which I took in Paris. I kiss you. Your Nina and please kiss Rozichka and Aron for me.

P.S. [unclear, in French ]It is very probable that Doliner after the war will go to America as a professor in a university.



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