Letter to Polya and Aron from M. Dechtar January 29, 1917 p01
Letter from M. Dechtar to Polya and Aron January 29, 1917
January 29, 1917
Postcard to Mrs. Bookspan from Tsillie January 2, 1917 A
Postcard from Tsillie to Mrs. Bookspan January 1, 1917
January 1, 1917

Postcard from Nina to P. B. January 16, 1917

Postcard to P.B. from Nina January 16, 1917 A

Postcard to P. B. from Nina
Mr. Ehrlich 52 West 24 Street NY, New York
From Lausanne, Switzerland

My dear Polinka,

I was very happy to receive your letter. I often ask Daddy about you, but he never says anything significant. Unfortunately, my dear, I do not agree with you regarding my pictures. They possibly reflect the mood of my soul, not my face. I am going to take English classes soon. I almost forgot Russian already because I speak French only. What is going on with Rozichka? I love with my whole heart and sometimes I miss her a lot. My dear, she is after me [resembles me]. Please write to me what you know about her. Have her take a picture and send the picture to me. I kiss you all. Your Nina.

Greetings to Aron and Monsieur Ehrlich. I remember him well.


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