Postcard to Mrs. Bookspan from Tsillie January 2, 1917 A
Postcard from Tsillie to Mrs. Bookspan January 1, 1917
January 1, 1917
Postcard to Bookspan from Hana September 20, 1916 A
Postcard from Hana to Bookspan September 20, 1916
March 8, 2018

Postcard from Nina to M. Dechtar October 2, 1916

Postcard to M Dechtar from Nina October 2, 1916 A

Postcard to M. Dechtar from Nina
Chez Monsieur Doner Rue D’Assas, 126 Paris
From Lausanne, Switzerland

My Dearest Daddy,

From the letter from Monsieur Dorée I realized that you finally divorced from Madame [?]rche. God knows if it is for the best. How are you living now? What about our children? Who is feeding them? I was hoping that life with the children would be better. If I could only find a job. I wish I took Bencion [Polya’s brother] here with me so he can study. It is not expensive here. I think a lot about it and would like to settle down if I could in Switzerland. I still don’t know anything. I want to see Doliner, and I miss him very much. I kiss you and all of our who are dear to me.


P.S. Write if you are living at the old address.

[Why is correspondence that was between Switzerland and Paris, Nina and M. Dechtar, in Polya’s collection when at this point she was in the U.S.? One can only speculate.]

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