Postcard from Tsillie to Polya 1912
Postcard from Tsillie to Polya January 21, 1912
March 8, 2018
Postcard Crying Faith 1910 To Polya
Postcard from I. Andrusier to Polya September 21, 1910
March 8, 2018

Postcard from Klara to Arnold December 20, 1911

Letter to Arnold from Klara December 20, 1911 A

Postcard to Arnold from Klara
December 20, 1911

Front: Prinyachnikov
Tretyakov Museum

Woman receiving bad news from a Letter
“Reading of the Letter in the Vegetable Store”

To Your Memory from Klara and Sara

Kishinev  Andrussier

Good day, Arnold. I am healthy and alive. I wish you the same. I am writing to tell you that I have received your letter regarding the train. What do you think you are going to come at that time? I can tell you that it’s not convenient. I ask you to come for the new year. So far as I remember I will write you more when I will be ready. I also ask you to come down, not get nervous. Yosef was here yesterday and sends a bow.[ Not clear. — S.A.] He said to tell you to write you [Not clear — S.A.]. I go for a walk outside. This is the second card, and the card is very interesting, and I wanted to send a card instead of a letter. Again, I am healthy. Loving you, Yours Klara

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