Letter to Arnold from Klara December 20, 1911 A
Postcard from Klara to Arnold December 20, 1911
March 8, 2018
Back of Postcard Lurenz To Get Some Bread
Postcard Lurenz To Get Some Bread August 10, 1909
March 8, 2018

Postcard from I. Andrusier to Polya September 21, 1910

Postcard Crying Faith 1910 To Polya

September 21, 1910

Postcard  woman near coffin, text reads “ Crying” or a Last Name (Revesh)? “Faith”


Kishinev September 21, 1910

To Dechtiar

For Polya,

[Cost: 1 Kopek – pay extra]

Congratulations to a new year. All the best. From I. Andrusier

Kievskaia between Kupetch #46

Compare this postcard with other New Year’s cards: “Postcard from Polya to Her Parents September 9, 1906” and “Postcard from Tsillie to Polya September 20, 1912.” Also see the New Year’s card sent several years later to Polya and Aron from Aron’s sister Hana: “Postcard from Hana to Bookspan September 20, 1916.”

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