Postcard to Pauline from Tsillie August 3, 1917 A
Postcard from Tsillie to Pauline August 3, 1917
March 8, 2018
Postcard from George Ehrlich July 5, 1917 A
Postcard from George Ehrlich July 5, 1917
March 8, 2018

Postcard from Hana to Poline July 12, 1917

Postcard to Polin[e] from Hana July 12, 1917 A

Postcard Plain to Poline[e] Bookspan
From Hana [One of Aron’s sisters]
From Kishinev to Mr. George Ehrlich
57 West 24 Street
New York America

July 12, 1917

I great you my darlings! It may seem strange to you what I am about to describe, but I want you to know what kind of dream I had last night. I had a dream of Aron, Polya, and an adorable child who looked like a flower. They came home, such a joy! Polya looked so good, all of you looked so fresh! I whooped with joy and woke up. I came up at a turn toward your portrait, Aron, and for the first time I looked at it this way I could look at you only after this dream…In my dream you told me that you are a nationalist, and I gave you a hug for the first time because I recognized a comrade in you. It is because you wrote in your previous letter that emigrants are going back home, so we feel like you will come back any day now. Everything is good here, at home. I received the shoes, I already thank you. Toglik is back home, Moysha got away for good. Could it be true that Hagkola worried herself gray??!! Dear sister, she is longing…

I am on a holiday now and will be at home for one month. We have a very busy time now. I work for an organization and was sent as a delegate to Odessa. I am really busy. I am going to a lecture with my Mom. Love, Hana


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