Scrap to Poline from Aron April, 1914 A
Scrap from Aron to Poline April, 1914
March 8, 2018
Postcard from Poline to Aron March 31, 1914 A
Postcard from Poline to Aron March 31, 1914
March 31, 1914

Postcard from Aron to Poline March 31, 1914

Russian flowers on black

Postcard to Poline from Aron
March 31, 1914
Kishinev to Paris
Rue Vieille du Temple 41

[The physical postcard and scan have been misplaced, but I have my notes with a copy of the back of the postcard plus the translation from Sergey Artemyev.]

Thursday 9/IV

Ah! Ah! Ah! Welcome comrade! how are you spending your holidays? I worked hard, am tired and am going to take some rest now. Everything is neat and clean around here. At first it was difficult, but the Lord Our Father is gracious! I have my fill of sorrow. My heart is racing, it is gloomy, I can’t see the sun. Oh! Sun! Please shine again, why are you playing hide and seek with me? I need sun. I need light. La La La. Aron

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