Postcard to Pauline from Tsillie July 14, 1918 A
Postcard from Tsillie to Pauline July 14, 1918
March 8, 2018
Letter to Polinka from Tsillie no date p01
Letter from Tsillie to Polinka date unknown
March 8, 2018

Note to Polinka from Tsillie May 1, 1918

Note to Polinka from Tsillia May 1, 1918 p01

Note to Pauline
No envelope extant
From Tsillie 
From Kishinev

May 1, 1918


A kiss from me from the island of Bessarabia. We cannot or may not tell anything about our lives or learn about anybody else. It is not how I want to live. We are healthy and well. You know from the newspapers that Bessarabia is a part of Romania. Everything is safe in our city. Everything is expensive, though. Greetings to everybody you see. Forgive me. I can’t write more. Many kisses.  Yours, Tsillie

As soon as you get the opportunity, please write to me. Many times I kiss you. I don’t know where you’ll be receiving this letter from.


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