Letter to Poline from Aron January 9 1914 Envelope A
Letter from Aron to Poline January 9, 1914
January 9, 1914
Postcard to Polya from Tsillie August 30, 1913
Postcard from Tsillie to Polya August 30, 1913
March 8, 2018

Note from Aron to Polya November 6, 1913

Note to Polya from Aron November 6 1913

A Note from Aron to Polya

No envelope extant

I greet you, Pulkheriya Yefimova. I cannot agree with that opinion about which I told you yesterday. From my opinion, they wait another weather and that’s why please wear something in the afternoon. I am going to stop by, and we are going to go together to buy a coat. I wish you a very good appetite and all the best. Aron. November, 6, 1913

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