Letter to Poline from Aron Feb 22 again p01
Letter to Poline from Aron February 22, 1914 no envelope
March 8, 2018
Postcard to Poline from Aron February 21, 1914 A
Postcard to Poline from Aron February 21, 1914
March 8, 2018

Letter to Poline from Aron February 22, 1914

Letter to Poline from Aron February 22, 1914 enveloped A

A Letter to Poline from Aron
Blue envelope
February 22, 1914
Kishinev to Paris
Rue Vieille du Temple 41

My happy life, my unforgettable friend, Polinka!

You are calling me in my heart, but you are the whole life to me. I am a little bit upset because I didn’t have an opportunkity to respond yesterday and now I am coming back from the store and received [something]. Gutman came in and sat here until late. Now I came home and there is another letter from you. Oh my God, I am so happy, but the only thing that concerns me is that you, my darling, you are writing so little. It’s too little for me. I am asking you to write more because those letters from you are like food to me. There is no life that exists to me at this time. My dear friend, now I will try to respond to both letters I received from you. One thing is killing me. You wrote that you were sick and barely able to write. This news is going to kill me. I cannot suffer that much. I feel like I am going to get a heart attack because of your suffering. My precious life, I am asking you one more time to be strong, to take care of your health for me because I cannot live without you. You know what kind of thoughts I had about my life but if I come back I am going to give everything to you. If you will think that way, you will think I am crazy. My dear Mommy and you gave me a carnationa dnt his is a flower that reminds me about the upper part of the street, but don’t want you to worry about it because if I told you the truth then you would think that I lose my mind and I am crazy. Those memories made me nervous and I cannot come down because I remember those streets where we were and where we walked. I am very upset right now and my hand doesn’t listen to me to write because you have been sick. My ltters do not support you. I will try my best. Please be sure because every day is given by God which means your heart very soon will come back to you. Did it leave you? A volcano is burning inside my heart and we didn’t have to give promises to each other and no, no, winds are saying more, that is why you have to stay healthy. Just one thing, remember, that I will give up my life for you, like a fish cannot live without water. Now, reading your next letter, my dear friend, your words are really for for d..ing and your feelings towards me. That letter made me feel better. Just one thing. I miss you a lot. I miss you that much that I cannot sleep because I cannot live without you. As soon as you receive this letter, please write to me.

My dear, it is difficult for me to write about my feelings. I want to be next to you. I am crazy and I want to kiss you and I want to feel you like a little girl. My God, I would have given my whole life tonight if I could be with you for one hour. I want you to know that I want you to be happy, and I don’t want you to suffer from these two months. There are not millions of miles that separate us from each other. You are always in my heart and you are always with me. I again. It is going to happen very soon. I am very happy when you have a hope for our future. Because of that, you have to be happy and love good. Why don’t you go to any concerts? Are you sitting at home? I am begging you, my Polinka, and I am asking you not to think about our separation because it is going to end soon and our days are approaching. Thjere is no doubt you love me. I believe in all of your feelings to me, and that’s why I am going to build my life with you only. In regards to dental equipment, why are you wasting your time? Just get it and get this, etc. I cannot wait when these two months end. Just one day is killing me. If you cannot get it without money, then you will have to give money for that but I don’t know what will happen to be when I get to Paris. It is difficult to quit. Tsillie is asking if I am writing to you. Please don’t tell her because I am saying “no.” Because they can see the changes in my feelings and everybody is saying that I miss you. Tsillie could say that it’s a pity because I am missing you and am suffering without you. I am going to be sick soon because of you. I personally am trying not to [?] Polya, my dear, why you don’t answer my questions! I am begging you. Please respond to all my letters. Immediately send me your picture and answer all the questions I ask and write a lot to me. Please write about your personal life. How is your father doing? Why your apartment [selling?] Please tell me what kind of do you have to suffer more? I kiss you, Aron

[Little piece of paper.]

It was a big period of time between one letter and the next one I received from you and write to me more often. Please describe everything, what you feel. I would like to share everything with you. It would be nice to hear that you live well and happily and I’m asking you one more time. Take your picture and send it to me. Don’t’ refuse. I want you to be a beautiful, good girl. Give me your lips. I am kissing them. Please respond soon – Uncle Ooch

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