Letter to Poline from Tsillie July 5, 1920 p01
Letter from Tsillie to Poline July 5, 1920
July 5, 1920
Postcard to Pauline from Tsillie July 14, 1918 A
Postcard from Tsillie to Pauline July 14, 1918
March 8, 2018

Letter from Sarra to Poline No Date

Letter to Poline from Sarra No Date

Letter to Poline
From Sarra [Izner]
No envelope extant
[Kishinev to New York assumed]
No Date

Dear Poline! I received your card and I was laughing tears. Your writing style like Koltsov’es style. Very similar, so I thought that you are Koltsov and Koltsov like he never existed. Yes, Polya, what is happening behind the walls of our houses and cities is indescribable. The blood becomes cold in my veins. The words have no power and no color to describe and to draw that horror in the world. Please God, fogive this sinful earth. Please stop this vile deed of people dying and losing their blood. Polya, you want to know about my life. I work with Klara at home. The income is not very good. Besides the work I read. Once and only once I visited Malorossov and God damn it they played really bad. We could afford to go there only once this year, but it’s really difficult to live without theater. They are leaving soon. The opera was here in the city but the prices let them be healthy and happy and lid [note: the tickets are expensive, so could not afford buying the tickets but let them be they way they are]. By the way, speaking about the lid, for about two months I did not receive a single letter from my cousin, so I thought that it is a coffin lid indeed. But no, we opened the lid with the letter. Polya, you may remember when I told you about someone who was imprisoned, so now he is back home with his relatives. His relatives are living in a very horrifying poverty. For them he could be a very good support financially and morally. Mom was longing for some for a long time. But instead they took him from the prison directly to the army and did not allow him to see his mother who was dying at that moment. She visited with us and she told us many things about Siberia. He is a very interesting guy, not like the rest of them. He looks good, and his political views are the same. And who knows, maybe he is a forerunner of a new better future. They are in Tirospol now getting ready for the war, and he is not coming to Kishinev for Christmas. All the best to you, Polya. I hug you and I kiss you. Yours, Sarra.

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