Letter from Sarra to Poline March, 1914

Letter to Poline from Aron March 30, 1914 envelope A
Letter from Aron to Poline March 30, 1914
March 8, 2018
Letter to Poline from Aron March 29, 1914 envelope A
Letter from Aron to Poline March 29, 1914
March 29, 1914

Letter from Sarra to Poline March, 1914

Letter to Poline from Sarra Early March, 1914 p01

Postcard to Poline from Sarra
[March, 1914, perhaps]
No envelope extant
[Presumably Kishinev to Paris
Rue Vieille du Temple 41]

Finally! Whew! Let me to respire…I have no energy…Lead me read…Dear heart, in what way have I offended you that you think it is proper not to reply to my messages, my postcards and letters…innocent lamb!…You are the innocence yourself!…who could think that behind those words the intent is hidden to cover your guilt or in other words to talk the hind leg off a donkey. who would dare to blame you without incriminated circumstances, which could be: did you ever approach the mail box to drop the letters addressed to my name or not. In so doing our eyes that were looking directly into my peepers, are changing their direction…and…enough…everything is becoming clear as the light of the day. You sent no letters to me, maybe you thought you did, but forgot. Forgive you, the Almighty. After all, Polya, you made me feel happy with your postcard. Just one thing surprises me that you did not mention anything about yourself, while I was eagerly awaiting the news whether you got settled there in that Paris as you dreamt. Or at this time, the fates presented us not our cup of tea? Heh, Fat, you are a bad stepmother..and the final nail [in the coffin — S.A.]. Here at Kishinev, pour! God damn!…everything is really disgusting. Even the sky cries bitter tears, pouring us…Well, what of it? No doubt you know, old fellow, how the tears (make it worse-heaven’s tears) affect the bipeds…No, no. The stones are everywhere. We just sit here staring senselessly at the mother earth…and baddish thoughts are pounding the noodle. Good Gracious!…I am thinking…well, I wish all the best to your excellency [not capitalized — S.A.]. Gee, I don’t know and I forgot how to address to you. It is a long lane that has no turning…Silence is everywhere. No answer…More tears are dropping onto my wicked head. Hey, you, Petyukha! How is everything over there, on your side? Isn’t God angry with you? How…is the breathing aspect? Can you breathe freely or not? What do they ask for? Write and…the final nail! Always yours, Sashka makes obeisance.

P.S. Polya! About myself. What should I say for that matter? Just nothing so far. We built the house with windows, and all I have to do is to look through those windows and wait till it dawns Due to the circumstances, I do not consider it to be wise to do anything myself. I have a feeling that I am on the eve of my own catastrophe. I know. it sounds really strong. The devil may play any trick! Something of the ordinary might happen to me. We will see ….

Upon receipt of this letter immediately send a photographic card of you to me. Thank you in advance. Both Aunt Kunya and my Klara bow low. Loving you deeply, Sarra.

P.S. I bow low to Ninka and the rest of yours.

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