Letter from M. Dechtar to Polya and Aron January 29, 1917

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Postcard from Tsillie to P. B. February 12, 1917
March 8, 2018
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Postcard from Nina to P. B. January 16, 1917
March 8, 2018

Letter from M. Dechtar to Polya and Aron January 29, 1917

Letter to Polya and Aron from M. Dechtar January 29, 1917 p01

Letter to Polya and Aron from M. Dechtar [Polya’s father[
No envelope extant
Paris to New York

29 Janu[ary], 1917, Paris

Dear children, I have received your card. I thank you many times for having promptly replied to me from your trip. I imagined you were away for a year. With one thing I am very pleased: that you have already returned safely from your trip. and also I’m very glad of your good meeting with Aron’s sisters, their receiving you from the bottom of their hearts. I thank them many times, my best unknown friends.

We are all, thank God, in good health. Vimka still sings the same ditties, strains his little throat and lets himself be heard. He received the fourth letter, a good book from Bentze. I am expecting a replay from Flasa [Fika?]. Nina isn’t working. She has taken a vacancy for one month. I have remained in the [word unclear] for three more months. Write to me how come you couldn’t meet up with Rozichka. Surely you have her address. I ask of you to exchange letters with her.

I can tell my daughter’s dear parents-in-law that I am, as they say, best pleased that my child is with good and noble people. I’m very glad of a note which my daughter wrote to me about how you treat them. I thank you a lot, my dear unknown relatives. I think in advance that I will receive good [exchange of] correspondence with you, dear children.

I also ask of you, dear daughter Fala [Polya], not to be worried about Inl[?]. 

I have received a letter from her. She is a little homesick. She hasn’t yet settled in there…

I greet you many times, my dearest children Aron, Fala. I wish you much happiness and health from the bottom of my heart.

Convey separate affection greetings to my dear unknown friends: Aron’s sisters, brother-in-law with the children. I ask of everyone to reply soonest. Best regards from Nina and the children.

M. Dechtar

The same address



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