Letter to Poline from Aron May 17, 1914 envelope A
Letter from Aron to Poline May 17, 1914
March 8, 2018
Postcard to Poline from Aron May 7, 1914 A
Postcard from Aron to Poline May 7, 1914
March 8, 2018

Letter from Aron to Poline May 10, 1914

Letter to Poline from Aron May 10, 1914 envelope A

Letter to Poline from Aron
Blue envelope
On graph paper
May 10, 1914
Kishinev to Paris
Rue Vieille du Temple 41

My dear friend, I greet you, my lovely girl. I was looking for your letter yesterday and today.  Why, I don’t know and I can’t understand. One letter I received from you last Sunday and was waiting for four days for it. Then I received your wonderful postcard and now I am replying. I cannot understand your silence. These are the last days when I want to receive letters from you every day. Maybe you are not writing because you wrote to me that you have not received anything from me for eight days, but it cannot be. So these are facts that I was writing to you every day. I received your answer to my letter 24/7 and then I received the next letter after 24/7, 26/9 postcard, 28 postcard, and sent a second postcard in the evening, a big letter May 1st, then a postcard 2/15 of May, then a postcard 3/11, a letter 4/17, postcard 5/18, 7/20, 8/21. I keep track of all the letters I am sending to you. And then I received your confirmation that you received letter 24/7 and the postcard 10/13 and 16/29. If you did not receive all of the above, it’s not my fault. They probably got lost. And I must tell you that at this time I need your letters and I am not receiving them. But that’s fine. In a few days I am going to be with you, and we’ll be even. As you already know, I was going to receive my paperwork on the 8th of May. These was a delay, so I will be there not sooner than on the 15th or 16th of May. I know that you want to see me next to you sooner, but it’s not up to me. I was ready to leave on the 1st of May. I think you still remember what it is to deal with the office. The passport itself is going to cost me two times as much as it should, but I will be happy about it. I don’t have my job for 10 days already, and the weather is rainy and bad for the last five days. It’s like October, not May. That’s why I am sitting at home, and to sit at home drives me crazy. Nobody believed me that I was going to leave, and now Mama can see that these are the last days, so you can imagine what’s going on here. Since that time when I revealed my secret to my Mom, she was happy for me, but she was not happy about the fact that I have to leave. By the way, I can tell you that she hasn’t stopped crying, and I also have tears in my eyes. It affects me very badly. It affects my brain, my mind what is necessary to live. Why do we have to suffer that much? At the same time, life doesn’t cost anything at this time. I am really weak, but I have to fight. But I’m not going to tell you what that scoundrel did to us. I did not visit them since I left them, but I ran into Yeva yesterday and she was happy to see me. She started to ask me many questions, but it doesn’t bother me. I now told them that I am going to go to Paris. My dear Polinka, I am going to leave not sooner than May 20th. The holidays are on the 17th and 18th and I am receiving everything I need on the 16th, but my Mom doesn’t want me to leave during the holidays, so I have to stay. I am asking you to write a letter to me, my dear, as soon as you receive this one. And also please send a telegram to me. Please tell me which station should I use to send a telegram to you. Please write your text in the telegram in the form of a question. I have two pieces of luggage; one in the luggage car, then the second one with me. I think I will be getting your answer to this letter on the 19th of May. I am going to write to you all the time, but you don’t have to answer those letters. If I receive any before the 20th of May, I will be happy. I have a great wish to be beside you and relax emotionally and physically. I am not doing anything, just thinking how I will meet you at the railroad station. My heart loves you very much. I kiss you many, many times. I am sending you newspapers today and asking you if you received them and all of the data. Please answer as soon as you can because I am not going to have any letters any more. See you soon. And I kiss you one more time.


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