Letter from Aron to Poline March 4, 1914

Letter to Poline from Aron March 7, 1914 envelope A
Letter to Poline from Aron March 7, 1914
March 8, 2018
Letter to Polya from Tsillie March 4, 1914 envelope A
Letter from Tsillie to Poline March 4, 1914
March 8, 2018

Letter from Aron to Poline March 4, 1914

Letter to Poline from Aron March 4, 1914 envelope A

A Letter to Poline from Aron
March 4, 1914
Blue envelope
Kishinev to Paris
Rue Vieille du Temple 41

Welcome, my dear girl and heart. It is 11:00 in the evening. I just came back home from the shop. I am deadly tired because it was a very tiring day. You know, it is because of the holiday. It’s like a nightmare. I can’t find any place or time to get a rest. I want to go towards you towards your longing and your suffering and I would like with my whole heart to support you morally. I don’t want you to suffer. On the other hand, I still haven’t received the creditcard [shifscard?] nor a passport. Those issues are really difficult and drive me crazy. It’s horrible. It is hard. Nobody exists in my life at this time but you. I do not stop thinking about you. You are not leaving my thoughts for even a minute. Gutman came here and spent time until 12:45am and now I continue writing. I left behind everything naturally. Nobody interests me. No fun. No life. Within this time I haven’t been anywhere. I haven’t seen anything. Gutman is the only one who is visiting me. My dear Polinka, my life and my only dear friend, on Saturday I received your last letter dated Monday. When I came home in the afternoon, I called the mail person, and he gave me your letter which made me happy. At that moment, I was thinking about you. I was so happy that without opening a letter I kissed the envelope many times. Can you imagine that? And I am an adult person. Now I am trying to give the answers to your questions. Let me start with your longing and your suffering. I am suffering myself because of your suffering, but I am not happy with one thing. Why you are not sharing with me, why Polinka, my little kid, why did you tear apart the letter and wanted me not to read it? On the contrary, I would feel better if I read that letter. Well, I understand you completely and I feel the same way. The only thing I do not agree with is that you are longing for Tsillie. I understand that you can long for a person you are interested in and it is really sad for me to say so, but I am longing for her the same way as I’m longing or missing the snow from the previous year. And it is because of the feelings she had towards you when you were in Kishinev. When I read your words if she’s not going to respond to you or if she’s going to write another letter to you, you will never write to her. And my feeling was right yesterday she received a letter from you. Isn’t it strange? You are asking me to write about her but I wrote about her in my previous letter.  Everything is the same. Nothing has changed, but she is not the person you think she is. My dear, please write to me everything what you have bad, what is bothering you. Please share it with me. We have to be strong at this time because we only have to wait for six weeks, and then I’ll be with you. If I only had wings, I would fly to you just to see you and to kiss you before time. My God, it is such a happiness. I am going to see you soon. The end of our loneliness and suffering is coming. Why are you walking on the streets, dear Polinka? Try to walk on the streets full of crowds. Try to have fun and try to leave your bad thoughts. My dear Mommy, I want to you to be by the day I come to you well and fresh and beautiful. Why are you insisting that I should leave the next day after Easter? I want it as well, but as soon as I receive the creditcard from my sister, I am going to send my luggage to a port and the second part of my luggage is going to you to Paris. I regret why I didn’t send the necessary things with you. I could put them into your luggage. My dear girl, you are writing in your letter that you are sure about my love towards you. And if I only could, it appears to me that if I could enclose my heart and my soul in this letter, I would do it. I received two letters from my sister. She is writing that everything is wonderful, and I think they are going to accept us the same way, understanding that Aron came to her to his sister. I think the creditcard [shifscard?] is going to be here before Easter, and I will immediately send my luggage. I deeply feel your wishes and your sweet feelings towards me and your everlasting dreams. These all will unite us into the whole very soon. I sent a letter to you on Saturday, and I’m asking you to write the answer to each letter you are receiving to me. Every day I am sending a newspaper. Please write to me if you want to read them every day. If it is so, I will keep sending them every day. I am looking forward to your picture and to how happy and enjoyable that moment will be when I receive your picture. Don’t suffer. Don’t long for me. Don’t get any thinner. I am asking you for that. If only you respect me, you have to follow my request. Respond to my letter as of Saturday and to each letter you receive. I cannot write any more. I am tired. I want to sleep. However, I can’t sleep also. It is 2:00 in the morning. I love you. Be healthy and happy. Your Aron. I’ll see you soon. You are my best friend of my life. I kiss you.

Please write Polinka. What are you doing? How are you living? What are you studying? Everything what you know and are interested in. Have you done anything new to yourself recently? Please tell me everything. You promised to describe your life in Paris. Please keep your promise and keep your word. A few times I was going to ask you and I was afraid to ask you so you could be upset with me, but please tell me the truth. Maybe you need some money to cover some expenses. I can put some cash in the envelope. I know that you have to bear some small expenses. Please tell me about that. I kiss you one more time, my girl. Arnoldushka the sweet.

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