Postcard to Aron from Daddy March 30, 1914 A
Postcard from Daddy (Polya’s Father) to Aron March 30, 1914
March 30, 1914
Letter to Poline from Sarra Early March, 1914 p01
Letter from Sarra to Poline March, 1914
March 29, 1914

Letter from Aron to Poline March 30, 1914

Letter to Poline from Aron March 30, 1914 envelope A

Letter to Poline from Aron
March 30, 1914
Blue envelope
Kishinev to Paris
Rue Vieille du Temple 41

Sunday 10:00 in the evening

My soul, my beloved, my dear Polinka, I am in a hurry to clarify the misunderstanding regarding our correspondence. Yesterday, I received your letter along with postcards dated 5/iv and 7/iv. Today I received one more postcard dated 8/iv. I like those postcards. In fact, the letters get lost, and I think it is because you didn’t receive my letter as of 24/xi, and it was a very interesting letter. Let me give you a schedule, and I kindly ask you to fulfill my request. You will be receiving 20 letters from me before I leave, counting this letter. And you also are supposed to receive 19 postcards, excluding those which were already enclosed in letters. If you have this amount of letters and postcards 20 and 19, it means you received everything. I received from you 18 letters so far 11 postcards and 2 postcards to be called for (with no address). If you wrote that quantity of letters and postcards and received all of mine, it means everything is okay. Please give me the answer. I am sending newspapers every day. Are you receiving all of them? I wrote a letter to you yesterday early in the morning, and this is the second letter. I work all days during the holiday. I don’t have any rest. The time off is only from 1:00am till 6:30am. That’s the only time I have. I think it will end soon and I will have some rest in Paris. Today during lunch I told my Mom our secret. From the bottom of my heart, I told her everything what I had. Both of us cried so many tears, but my mom loves me so much that it couldn’t be better. She wishes all the best to us and a happy way together. I will tell you everything in details later, because it is really difficult for me to write about it. But I feel much better that I don’t have to bear that heaviness any more. My dear soul, I really appreciate that you are not forcing me to write letters to you, but it is very nice to receive letters from you and it is very nice to write letters to you. And I am doing it every time when it is physically possible. I don’t understand you, my darling. Why were you in such a bad mood in your last letter? While reading your letter I cried as a little child, and I am writing this letter using not the ink but the blood. My soul, I am asking you, I am begging you to calm down. It is just one month, and soon we’ll be together with God’s help. Please calm down. You are calling for me, and I’ll go with you even into the grave. The only thing that stops me at this time is the financial side of it because I still didn’t receive a shipscard from my sister, and you know how big the expenses are.

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