Letter from Aron to Poline March 29, 1914

Letter to Poline from Sarra Early March, 1914 p01
Letter from Sarra to Poline March, 1914
March 29, 1914
Partial Letter to Poline from Aron March, 1914? p05
Partial Letter to Poline from Aron March, 1914 Perhaps
March 8, 2018

Letter from Aron to Poline March 29, 1914

Letter to Poline from Aron March 29, 1914 envelope A

Postcard to Poline from Aron
March 29/11, 1914
Blue envelope
Kishinev to Paris
Rue Vieille du Temple 41

Saturday March 29, 1914


My darling and my beloved!!!!!!! I couldn’t sleep all night long and it is 5:30 in the morning when I am writing this letter. My soul, to eat and to sleep doesn’t happen. You cannot buy it. Just a person wants eating and sleeping, and I cannot explain what the reason is. While reading your last letter, I cried a sea of tears. Why did it happen in your dreams, not in a real life? Everything seems to be alive, and I feel everything within myself, so I cannot agree that it was a dream. When I wake up, my aunt is “not here.” No, she is here. She is in my soul, in my brain. I cannot fall asleep and wake up without you. I am going through a very difficult time that I don’t have any possibility to write often to you, and it makes me feel upset. For some people, it is a holiday, but for me it is more work, more suffering, and more grieving. Today is the first day of the holiday, and I have to go to the store. But thank God that the Jewish Passover passed already, and now the Russian Easter is coming. After that, I will be free, and I will be very happy. God, give me this month to pass and then and then Uncle Ukh is going to fly to his aunt. Your letter is so sentimental. My love for you is inexplicable, and my sufferings are tiring during this time apart. But there is only one person to blame for those sufferings, and I do not dare to speak about him in this letter. We are going to be together soon, and we will discuss everything. You have to be stronger for one more month, which ends on the 15th of April, and then the end of everything will come. Please don’t be upset, Polinka, that I did not reply immediately. I did not have a physical possibility to write, but I am writing postcards every day, and you are possibly receiving them. Now I am going to answer your questions in the letter dated Saturday 4/IV and then I will write another letter when the holiday ends. My soul, you are giving me advice to go with a passport. And I have decided to contact my cousin from a village. I am going to talk to him on the phone, and he’ll be here on the second day. I’ll talk to him, and I will tell you his decisions. And you please describe a schedule in detail. With a passport? And without? I am also concerned that I still haven’t received a shifscard from my sister, but I am more than sure that my youngest sister “helps” with that. I am really afraid that it can cause a delay. I didn’t write to Manya, and I am not going to tell her that I am going to leave Russia, but she and all asked me to drop off to say good-bye. Besides I have my money at Manya’s, and I will have to receive it. If I go to Odessa, then I will be there for two days, the 7th and 8th of April, and you please try not to send any letters to me during those days. However, I will be writing to you every day. I don’t have any willpower to tell my mom, and I suffer because of that. She only knows that after Easter I am going to leave for Paris. She doesn’t know anything about you, and I don’t know how to talk with my Mom about it. With regards to my quitting, everybody will be talking about it, but it doesn’t bother me at all, not at all. Let the dogs bark. I have the strength to tell my uncle that I am going to leave on the 15th of April. And I am going to travel on the 15th also, but I am afraid particularly of your fists. It doesn’t look like a fist, at least not like a Russian one. But I am very happy that you drink cold milk at this time. Please drink more for your health, my darling. When Uncle Ukh will come, you can eat and drink from his hands. Please walk more and get well soon because I love [unclear]. I really hope that both of us will be good and our love is going to save each other. Izner told me recently that she received a postcard from you. Tsillie is silent, though. She doesn’t say to anybody that she received a postcard from you. Don’t get angry about what I am writing now. I am going to end this letter because it is 7:00 in the evening already. I have so much to write to you that everything in my head is like a noise, like a chaotic noise, so I have forgotten about everything. Why are you not writing as often? I only received one letter within this week, and I am writing to you every day and sending a newspaper. Please tell me if you received the newspapers in which I wrote. My dear friend, I am ending this letter. Please be healthy. With my whole heart, with my soul, with all my feelings, I hug you, I kiss you, and I bite you. Please forgive my handwriting because I am in a hurry now to go to the store. It is the first day of Easter today. I wanted to write you an Easter letter but didn’t have time. 

[The next part is In Yiddish]

I wish you, my dear soul, a happy Passover with much health and all good things, may God help you.  From now on, [may] health and happiness be in your life, wishing you from the bottom of my heart. 

— Arnoldushka


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