Letter to Poline from Aron January 18, 1914 enveloped A
Letter from Aron to Poline January 18, 1914
January 18, 1914
Letter to Poline from Aron January 13 1914 envelope A
Letter from Aron to Poline January 13, 1914
January 13, 1914

Letter from Aron to Poline January 15, 1914

Letter to Polya from Aron January 15, 1914 envelope A

Letter to Poline from Aron
Buff envelope.
January 13, 1914
Kishinev to Paris
Rue Vieille du Temple 41

My darling friend Pulinka,

Unfortunately, to my horror I am writing a third letter to you. I don’t know how to start. Let me start with a sad issue. Why you are not writing to me. Where are you at right now? It has been nine days since I am waiting to hear from you any news, any letter like a prisoner is waiting to be free any day now. There is a truth that you want to give me so much suffering. I cannot find any place because I don’t understand why you are not writing to me. What happened to you during that trip? Did something strange happen that you even don’t want to write about it? I am under impression that the best days with you the best hours with you in your hands. I cannot forget them since you left. As long as I am going to live, I will bear this heaviness, which is in my soul and my sufferings are really hard to describe. there is no meaning of what I am going through. Why you are not writing anything? Did I offend you? Did you leave me being unhappy? The entire day today I have only one thought. How to receive a letter from you and if I received that letter I would be happy. The whole day during my work I tried to be distracted as soon as I hear a whistle 8:00 I feel like somebody hits me right into my heart so severely that it falls apart. After 8:00 I have only one question. Who am I going to see where I have to go and what I should do? Everything would be fine if only you could write me since the day you left. If you only kept our conditions. Oh my God. How difficult my life is. Was Aron born to be a miserable person? Why bear the difficulties? For what, Polinka? Where is our friendship? Where is our love? Where are our feelings? My God, was it only a dream? If I take something to read or to write I can’t because of thinking about you. I am writing you that truth, Polinka, which I am going through right now. I have one question only. Have you forgotten everything? I don’t understand what kind of reasons you have not to write to me. Do you want to destroy my soul? If you have just a small understanding about my love towards you and about my feelings, you must know and you must feel those sufferings I feel. I only want to know why you are not writing to me. It is not friendly. If you want to, please explain to me what happened. This is the third letter like this and I am shivering like having fever and feel a lot of pain in my heart. We agreed to write to each other from the trip about two or three postcards and you disappeared. No news at all. Did I offend you? Were you not happy? We are going to have so many changes in our life, a big plan, and you forgot about everything. Where are you? Where is your letter? Oh my God, now I can see that this is an end. If I do not commit suicide then my life will end from the heart attack because I cannot endure those difficulties any more what I am suffering now. I am sitting and writing this letter and there is darkness in my eyes from the tears. I am standing in front of your picture and begging you that you send a letter to me to make me calm and your picture is like God’s icon to me. I only have one thought and one dream to receive a letter from you. I feel I will be newborn when it happens. If somebody approaches me with a question about you or if I got a letter from you, I immediately start crying, but of course I tell them yes. But what is my soul saying at that moment? I cannot write to you any longer. If you receive this letter, do whatever your conscience tells you to do. I am waiting a response to my letter as of the 22nd and response to this letter by next Saturday. Please explain everything. Tomorrow is Thursday, and I hope to receive a letter from you from Paris. I will be happy. Be healthy. Be happy. I wish you all the best. Your Lifelong friend, Aron. I hug you and kiss you endlessly. Please respond and I hope that we will see each other soon again. I am getting ready for my trip. January 15, 1914

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