Labor Song #9 The Last Forgive Me p11
Labor Song 9 The Last Forgive Me
March 1, 2018
Labor Song #7 Be Brave Friends
Labor Song 7 Bravely Friends
March 1, 2018

Labor Song 8 Bravely Comrades

Labor Song #9 The Last Forgive Me p1

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Bravely, comrades.
When we march in step, let our spirit be stronger in the fight.
We are building the road to a freedom with our chest.
We are all part of the people, children of the working family.
The brotherly unity and freedom is the motto of our combat.
They held us for long in chains.
The hunger wearied us.
The black days have passed.
The time of repayment has arrived.
It is time to start the act.
We will hurry soon into the battle.
We are not going to fear the spectral force of the tsars.
Everything what the thrones are is made by the working hand.
We will use our guns and we will screw on the bayonets.
Let us throw down by the power of the hand the oppression forever
and let us erect above the earth the red banner of labor.



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