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Labor Song 8 Bravely Comrades
March 1, 2018
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Labor Song 6 Red Banner
March 1, 2018

Labor Song 7 Bravely Friends

Labor Song #7 Be Brave Friends

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Labor Song #7 BRAVELY, FRIENDs

Bravely, friends.
Do not lose cheerfulness in the unequal battle.
You save the native motherland and your own honor and freedom.
If we perish in prisons and in damp mines, the deed will always answer in the generations of living.

Let them put us into the prisons.
Let them torture us by fire.
Let them send us to the mines.
We will overcome all executions.

Our poor Russian people moan and sigh.
They reach out a hand to us and ask for help.
The new hour will come and people will reach their destiny.
And they will remember us with a good word and they will visit our graves.

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