Labor Song Workers' Marseilaise cont. Larbor Song 5 Varshavyank
Labor Song 5 Varshavyanka
March 1, 2018
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March 1, 2018

Labor Song 4 Workers’ Marseillaise

Labor Song 4 Workers' Marseillaise cont'

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The music to the “Workers’ Marseillaise” is based on tune of the French “Marseillaise.” The lyrics were written by Pyotr Lavrov and first published on July 1, 1875. The lyrics are certainly not a direct translation of the French ones. They have their own socialist agenda against the rich and the Tsar.

This song was a popular anthem during the Russian Revolution of 1905. It was used as a national anthem by Russia’s Provisional Government until that was overthrown in the October Revolution of 1917. The “Workers’ Marseillaise” was often played at public assemblies, demonstrations, concerts, and plays, during the 1917 Revolution. 

Aron’s book of Labor Songs dates from around 1913-1914.

The video contains a translation of the lyrics into English as well.

Pages 4 to 6

Labor Song #4


Let us renounce the old world!
Let us shake down its dust from our feet!
The golden idols are hostile to us,
We hate the Tsar’s Palace.
We will join a number of afflicted brothers
We will go to hungry people;
With them we will send our curse to the villains;
We will call them for a fight.
Arise, get on your feet, working people!
Hungry brothers, arise against our enemies;
Be heard the cry of the vengeance of people!
Forward! [repeats]

The rich, the exploiters, the greedy mob
Deprive you of your work so hard,
In your sweat the greedy fatten,
They tear your last piece of bread.
Starve, so they celebrate
Starve, in the stock market game
They sell conscious and honor
So that they can moan about you!

Arise, arise, working people…

You the rest is just the grave,
Every day the debt is ready,
The Tsar-vampire pulls out your veins,
The Tsar-vampire drinks the blood of the people.
He needs for the army soldiers,
So give up your songs!
He needs festivals and halls,
So give him your blood!

Stand up, arise, working people…

Is eternal suffering not enough?
Let us stand up, brothers, everywhere right now!
From the Dneiper to the White Sea,
Along the Volga, and the far Caucasus!
To thieves, the dogs — the rich
And even the evil vmapire-Tsar!
Defeat, kill them, the damned villains!
Glow, dawn of the best life!

Arise, arise, working people…

And it goes on behind the bloody dawn
The sun of Freedom and the brother hood of mankind.
We buy peace with this last fight,

With our blood we buy the happiness of children.
And it breaks in the era of freedom,
It resolves the lie that evil forever,
Unite and struggle of the peoples
In the free realm of the sacred work…



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