Labor Song #1 Internationale p1
Labor Song 1 Internationale
May 1, 1914
Aron's Notebook p50
Aron’s Notebook Pages 50 and 51
March 5, 2018

Aron’s Notebook Pages 52 to 64

Aron's Notebook p52

Aron’s Notebook Pages 52 to 64

p 52 not in Russian- S.A.


..and in the field. In the heart of the man to drink the evil. The arrow reached a heart of the man. The rivers flow into the sea. The water is bitter salty. The herd is in the fields. Harvestmen work in the fields. The students go to the trade schools. There are a lot of students in our school. Do as God suggests.

“ Mother daughter                 This is a table of Russian Grammar showing how the nouns 

                                               ‘mother’ and ‘daughter’ are changing depending on the case –S.A.

Genitive Case:

Dative Case:

Accusative Case:

Ablative Case:

Prepositional Case:



In a field at summer time. While living in the country, we often went to the fields. How good and how orderly it is in the field during the summer! The air is so fresh, you can enjoy breathing. The broad fields spread before us. A little bit father there is sweet buckwheat growing with its pale pink flowers and red stems. The spicate rye has joined the field; the wind rustles the yellow oat. The crops are coming on nicely to the table of the peasant’s table. There is a lark soaring above the clouds and singing.

Leva! Give me the notebook. Give me, Leva, the notebook. Give me the notebook, Leva!

I want to go above and to see all the beauty of God’s creation.

Several pages not in Russian. Language unknown.

A doll and a cat

Once the father asked his little daughter: “Who do you like more: your doll or your cat?”

“Of course, I like my cat more,” she answered in a little while, “but don’t tell it to my cat because I don’t want her to be angry with me”

Pages not in Russian. Language unknown.



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