Aron's Notebook p50
Aron’s Notebook Pages 50 and 51
March 5, 2018
Aron's Notebook p44
Aron’s Notebook Page 44
March 5, 2018

Aron’s Notebook Pages 45 to 49

Aron's Notebook p45

Aron’s Notebook Pages 45 to 49.


Pulya! If there are some mistakes in my poems, I let you know that I am not a poet or rhymester.

I only write that truth that my soul experiences.

I am sending to you, my dear friend, a small book. Not just a book, but also my soul because this book reflects my soul. At this very moment I am thinking about you. To a good memory please read this letter. Read the book, and underline all strong sentences, and then you will feel my strong feelings towards you. I will break the mountains and go through the oceans because nothing frightens a person in love.

Then follows Aron’s poem to Polya. To compare: “Poem to Poline from Arom February 10, 1914.”

To compare passage: “Letter to Poline from Aron February 10, 1914.”

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