Aron's Notebook p36
Aron’s Notebook Page 36
March 5, 2018
Aron's Notebook p31
Aron’s Notebook Pages 31 and 32
March 5, 2018

Aron’s Notebook Pages 33 to 35

Aron's Notelbook p33

Aron’s Notebook Pages 33, 34, and 35. Draft of Aron’s letter to Polya, saying he will see her in five days. That is, his trip from Kishinev to Paris, 1914.

My beloved soul. The time has come, and I’ll see you in five days! God, send us the blessing to travel this short way! Such a big rich utterance: “We will meet again in five days.” In five days these two big words will meet: the heart and the soul. Those two wretched worthless (probably he means ‘miserable’ -S.A.) beings are going to see each other after this long wearisome time. In five days I am going to see my very much beloved person, (who actually is a savior of my life).  (phrases or words in red color in parentheses mean he crossed them out -S.A.) who was able to recover (me) my soul to life from (that) my worthless life that was for me unbearable grey and monotonic.

This time was painful and weary. It was anguish of body and mind! My soul, I can’t wait for that happy moment when I can see you again, (hug you again), kiss you. I imagine the approach towards you as (happiness and wide life journey) a long, wide and happy life journey because the real happiness is there where the mutual unconditional love is. If you remember, my friend, how difficult it was for me to get back to life, but the unknown force ruled me to wait and to return.

It is a sad fact when you remember that the person cannot live his life full of the truth and fairness. Probably you wonder why I feel that way towards my master of a shop having served him for four years it (unclear-S.A.) to be in good relationships, sincerely and not provocatively to settle accounts with.

For long memory to well-regarded Nina (name is not clear -S.A.) at the day of my departure.

Paris 07/03 1914.

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