Aron's Notebook p37
Aron’s Notebook Page 37
March 5, 2018
Aron's Notelbook p33
Aron’s Notebook Pages 33 to 35
March 5, 2018

Aron’s Notebook Page 36

Aron's Notebook p36

Aron’s Notebook Page 36. Draft of a letter or postcard to his relatives, who live in the U.S. Dating would be around July of 1914.

Dear relatives! I hurry to notify you about my safe arrival to the country of “Yellow Devil” where they dip out the gold with the shovels, which means to America.  And I am staying now at my sister Rydal (Reizel– name is not clear-S.A.) in Chicago. My trip by sea as well as a ride by rail was good. Same with my health. I want to see all of you, and that is why I am asking if any of you is going to be in Chicago, please come up and see us.

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