Letters Gallery

Postcard to Aron January 4, 1908

For Arona Bukhshpuna

Thank you, Aron, for your greetings. I also wish you all the best. You probably know about me already how I got settled. How is your study? How is life?

Postcard Lurenz To Get Some Bread August 10, 1909

Lurenz. To get some bread. The card: Meppava (?) August 10, 1909. Mr. Silberang Kishinev (Bassarabia) Harlanlniskaya 65 Dear M-sier (name): I received your beautiful card. […]

Postcard from I. Andrusier to Polya September 21, 1910

September 21, 1910 Postcard  woman near coffin, text reads “ Crying” or a Last Name (Revesh)? “Faith” Back: Kishinev September 21, 1910 To Dechtiar For Polya, […]

Postcard from Klara to Arnold December 20, 1911

Postcard to Arnold from Klara December 20, 1911 Front: Prinyachnikov Tretyakov Museum Woman receiving bad news from a Letter "Reading of the Letter in the Vegetable […]

Postcard from Tsillie to Polya January 21, 1912

January 21, 1912 To Kishinev, Osland (Russia in German)  Nikolaievskaia  Pushkinskaia 116 To Polya Dechtiar [The stamp indicates the card comes from Austria.] Dear Polinka!    […]

Postcard from Tsillie to Polya September 20, 1912

September 20, 1912 “Angel the Savior” By Richemont Alexandrovkaya Street 65 Purre to Mr. Kh. Degtiar for Polya Here. [Kishinev to Kishinev] Polya! Happy new year. […]

Postcard from Roza to Polya February 24, 1913

February 24, 1913 from Roza in France (Address was upside down.) 100 Alexandrovskaya Street #100 Kishinev To Andrusier For Polya Dear Polinka, Since I can’t writer […]

Postcard from S. Izner to Polya July 17, 1913

3 Kopeks and an image of the Tsar on the stamp Slavouta Postcard  (plain) July 16, 1913 and arrived on July 17, 1913 Date seems to […]

Postcard from S. Izner to Polya August 12, 1913

Plain Postcard from S. Izner To Kishinev     Tshasovenny #5 House of Kazango Apartment of Schneider 08 12 1913 Greetings, Polya. You are lucky like a […]

Postcard from Nina to Polya August 14, 1913

Plain Postcard from Nina [Dechtiar, who is Polya's younger sister after Roza, and is living in Paris] To Kishinev     Tshasovenny #5 House of Kazango Apartment […]